Lois says,

Thank you so much Yuka. Piper and Lucy had such a wonderful time at your house. After 3 1/2 weeks they returned home relaxed and happy. I had a wonderful trip knowing they were in your capable hands. Your facility is perfect - your fenced in yard is awesome! I also appreciated your contacting me with pictures and updates during my trip - believe me it was a pleasure to see Piper and Lucy having a good time. You also dealt with Lucy's finicky eating habits and she returned healthy and happy. Great job! I promise to tell everyone about you! Warmest aloha.

Melissa says,

Never since moving from the mainland has our sweetie Wheaten Terrier Holly looked so gorgeous!

I brought our 7 yr old Wheaten Terrier Holly in to see Yuka in one hot dirty blonde mess and brought her home - Fabulous!

Yuka runs a highly professional dog grooming salon.  She took great care to answer all of my questions and asked me many questions to ensure my satisfaction with her service.  I am beyond satisfied and so pleased we have Yuka and Pawfect Dog Grooming practically right in the neighborhood!

Just yesterday a guest saw Holly and asked me if we had a new dog.  I told him that he was looking at our Holly.  After several minutes of him admiring the pretty happy dog I still could not convince him that he was looking at our same Holly.

He was blown away with her change not only in appearance but in her attitude.  All agree Holly is beautiful, happier, and is acting 4 years younger.

Holly has got that "I know I am pretty" happy pep in her step back!  Thank you so much Yuka!  We look forward to seeing you again in 6 weeks!

Judy says,

This week I had my shaggy Bichon Frise go to Yuka for the first time. Normally, I have her groomed on the mainland at a groomer who has won awards grooming Bichons. They can be hard to shape correctly to not end up looking like a poodle or a lopsided dust mop. In fact, I have to drive into Berkeley from home to get the correct cut. So, I was pleased to see the pictures here which gave me hope. Well, I would put Yuka up against any Bichon cuts that I have seen on the mainland or at shows. Plus, she LISTENS and takes care to understand and follow your wishes.
I am so happy, that I am going to try to schedule Flurry's grooming to coincide with being on the island whenever possible. She received so many compliments while we were running around Hilo! Everybody thought she had been groomed that day and the pink feather in her hair had everybody who passed us on the street smiling.

Plus, Yuka's demeanor and the setting was very calm and welcoming to my fluff, who was anxious going somewhere new.

Thank you, Yuka

Bruce says,

How happy we are to have found Yuka on our remote Big Island.  We own a French Poodle , a breed that requires special grooming skill to bring out the beauty of this breed.  Yuka does a super job demonstrating great skill in the cutting and shaping of our dogs coat that totally enhances his natural physical attractiveness..  More importantly our doggie very willingly submits himself to Yuka's care which is an indication that his experience with Yuka is a positive one.  We greatly appreciate that Yuka seriously commits to her time requirement to groom our dog so we do not have to wait excessively and our dog does not have to be caged.

Kathy says,

We absolutely love taking our little pet to Yuka to be groomed! She is always excited to get there. We have only had her for 8 months, she was previously a shelter dog, and she was very timid and scared of most everything. Her first experience with one of the "big box" pet groomers was a very traumatic experience for her, luckily we found Yuka! My experience with taking my pets to be groomed usually started out with me guiltily leaving them shaking and afraid at a big, noisy grooming mill. The atmosphere at Yuka's is calm and relaxing, soft music playing in the background and no other scary animals or sounds around. She looks beautifully groomed and happy when I pick her up a short time later ( no 3-4 hours required ). She is excited when we arrive for her appointment, happily excited, not shaking with dread. We have now moved across the island, but I continue making the trip to have her lovingly and expertly groomed by Yuka!

Dawn says,

We have been bringing our dog to Pawfect Dog Grooming for the past year. Our dog has received exceptional service from day one till today. The attention to detail and personal connection with owners and our dog (Li'i) has been second to none. We travel from Waikoloa all the way to Pawfect and will continue due to the awesome service.

Princess' Mom says,